More Than ABC’s and 123’s

We’re proud to offer a Christian preschool open to the community throughout the week. Children have the opportunity to learn and grow in the safety of a secure, diverse environment, staffed by Pennsylvania-certified teachers. Offering a variety of classes throughout the week, we’re sure we can find a class that works for you and your children.


  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices  (DAP)

    Our teachers are well versed in developmentally appropriate practices, meaning teaching approaches are rooted in the latest research on how children develop. The DAP framework was designed to promote children’s optimal learning and development in a play-based environment.

  • Kindergarten Prep

    Our curriculum is designed to set young children up for success in Kindergarten. Children learn the alphabet and numbers 1-20. Structured play times allow children to learn teamwork and cooperation.


    Play Oriented Learning

    Throughout the day, teachers create intentional opportunities for children to learn through play. Structured and free play times in the gym and playground create opportunities for children to learn valuable life lessons, as well as develop gross motor skills.

2018 – 2019 Class Registration

Registration Fee: $50 per child; $25 for each additional child
Sunday, January 28 between services in the Great Room Lobby
Registration Fee: $50 per child; $25 for each additional child
Monday, January 29, 9:00 am, Room 305
Registration Fee: $50 per child; $25 for each additional child
Monday, February 5, 6:30pm, Room 305
*Child must be diaper free.
Classes Run September – May


Jill Greiner

Preschool Director

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Cheryl Morano


Carla Holden


Jen Stuncard

Assistant Teacher

Kristen Powell

Assistant Teacher