Pursuing Christ Through Community

Faith is not a journey to take alone. We were made for a relationship with God and relationships with others.
"Church" is not a building, but a people. We are a community of believers pursuing Jesus Christ in all that we do.
Find out where you might fit in at Pleasant Hills Church.

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Groups are vital to building community at our church. Groups typically meet weekly at the group leader’s home or the church and come together to study a certain topic. Whether you’re looking to grow deeper in your faith through in-depth biblical study, or you’re still exploring your faith, we’re confident that we have a group for you.


In studies, you’ll have an opportunity for in-depth biblically-based study on a range of topics. Studies are held at the church, and are usually more instructional than group gatherings, though they are not lectures. Studies repeat, so you have the opportunity to take different ones throughout the year.


We are a growing, multi-generational community built on the gospel. When believers become members of our church, they commit to being an active part of our family. Our leadership commits to guide and care for you. Together, we seek to make Jesus known in our homes, schools, communities, and places of work.


At Pleasant Hills Church, we believe in discipleship. We believe in helping each other grow to be more like Christ. That's why we’ve developed a curriculum of studies designed for young adults and adults that focuses on biblical discipleship. These studies aren't reserved for the "spiritual elite" though, they're for everyone - parents, college students, businesspeople, teachers - anyone who wants to grow in their faith.

Upcoming Studies


Next Steps Class

Thinking about calling Pleasant Hills Church "home"? Church membership is a way of officially identifying yourself with a local church. At Pleasant Hills Church,
members are family. Our membership class is called "Next Steps." This 5-week class is designed to tell you about our church, beliefs, and ministries and help you find a place to plug in.

Our Next Steps Class happens once per year in the Spring
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