Meet the Team: In Depth


Dianne Falvo


Favorite Flix:

Babette's Feast, The Mission, The Green Mile, Dr. Zhivago (classic)

What's on TV:

Not a big TV watcher but here you go... Planet Earth, Gilmore Girls, Penguin hockey games!

What I'm Reading:

The Little Prince ... The Music of Silence ... Help, Thanks, Wow ... Women Who Run with the Wolves ... Like Water for Chocolate

My Happy Place:

Anywhere with my kids and grandkids ... and Greg too ... preferably at the beach.

Favorite Sports Teams:

Penguins, Pirates, Steelers ... St. Vincent College Men's Lacrosse Team

Favorite Eats:

Hardly a food I don't like, so off we go ... Roast lamb, Easter ham, 4th St. BBQ, garlic/parm wings and just about any seafood things ... pomegrantes, guacamole, watermelon for any ole reason and love pumpkin, any time, any season ... will devour dark chocolate, pizzelles, cheesecake, some which I love to eat even while I bake ... white house and spumoni ice cream, creme bulee, absolute all-time favorites, old not new ... and finally I'll end with my favorite guilty pleasure, a lovely Starbuck's Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Whew

When I'm Not Working:

Framing/matting, artsy stuff, gardening and outdoors activities (not so good at gardening indoors). Kayaking = future favorite pastime

Favorite Quote:

“We live our lives forward, but understand them backwards.” S. Kierkegaard

Favorite Part of my Job:

THE PEOPLE. And just spending time together (such a great gift)... everything else flows from that.

A Little More:

I grew up in a small town outside of Johnstown, but came to Pittsburgh to study music education at Duquesne University ... met my husband there, got married, and made Pittsburgh my forever home. Even though I started in music education, I always felt a 'tug' at my heart for music ministry from my earliest days of singing in the girls choir at our tiny little church back home ... and 40+ years later I feel so blessed to still be doing music ministry, now at PHCPC.

Retired from full-time ministry, I came to Pleasant Hills as the organist and was so welcomed by all ... I will never forget the warm, kind, generous hospitality shown to me by staff and members alike. A special time/memory for me will always be the first virtual worship services put together so expertly and beautifully due to COVID and being invited to play "in the band". I was totally inspired by the dedication and discipleship of all those who worked so hard to make worship so accessible, so simple, so meaningful. And Christmas Eve 2020 will have a special place in my heart forever. For these moments, and so many other reasons, I do believe that PHCPC has now become my spiritual home.

Finally, I give thanks to God for all the people who have shared this unbelievable journey with me through the years. Last and never least, I thank God every day for the blessing and gift of my family ... my husband, Greg, our three kids - Steve, Jess (Grant), and Luke - and our beautiful grandchildren, Wyatt and Quinn.

SOLI DEO GLORIA ... "Glory to God alone." (Bach, as well as other composers, put this on this compositions.) Now and always.