Meet the Team: In Depth


Jeff Kertis

Children's Ministry Intern

Favorite Flix:

Angry Birds Movie, Red Dawn, Field of Dreams, Wreak it Ralph

What's on TV:

Psych, Superman Animated Series, The Mandalorian

What I'm Reading:

The Bible, The Most Dangerous Game, The Great Gatsby

My Happy Place:

PNC Park

Favorite Sports Teams:


Favorite Eats:

Wings, Crab Rangoons, Fried Rice, Cornbread, Churros, Chocolate covered Doritos

When I'm Not Working:

Making stuff out of wood.

Favorite Quote:

“You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.” Jeff Kertis Senior

Favorite Part of my Job:

Giving the kids an environment to always feel safe in growing up.

A Little More:

I love my Cat need to get that off the list instantly, I also love my Family and my friends. I spend most of my time working either at the Mall, Panda Express, or the Church and I love every moment of it!