Meet the Team: In Depth

Sarah Mendes

Associate Student and Children's Director

Favorite Flix:

Even though I am definitely not into sports, I would have to say my favorite movie is Space Jam. I also love many musicals including Hairspray and The Greatest Showman.

What's on TV:

Survivor (I LOVE reality TV), but also love sitcoms like Parks and Rec, the Office and the Good Place

What I'm Reading:

Anything by C.S. Lewis (I especially love the Chronicles of Narnia) or Jennie Allen.

My Happy Place:

Waynesburg, PA - I LOVE it there

Favorite Sports Teams:

Pittsburgh teams

Favorite Eats:

Any kind of sandwich, there are so many fun combinations!

When I'm Not Working:

I’m running, thrift shopping, hanging with friends, reading or sitting in a coffee shop for hours.

Favorite Quote:

“Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is to life.” Jonathan Edwards

Favorite Part of my Job:

I really love the students. I believe it’s the most fun job ever, to hang out with students, learning about their lives, while also teaching them the reality of the Gospel.

A Little More:

I grew up in Wexford, PA with my parents and my two brothers. After high school, I attended Waynesburg University. I went in majoring in Early Childhood Education. Though I love kids, I very quickly decided that I did not want to be an elementary school teacher. I changed my major to Children’s and Youth Ministry with the intention of working with younger children, but the more experience in ministry I got, the more I fell in love working with middle schoolers and high schoolers. I interned here at Pleasant Hills Church my senior year of college. After graduation from Waynesburg in May 2021, I started working here full time as the Ministry Coordinator. Now my original ministry dreams have come full circle as I get the privilege of working with children, middle schoolers and high schoolers. It’s honestly a dream.